When to Repair Sewing Machines?

Signs That You Need a Sewing Machine Repair


The role of sewing machines is to provide us quick and quality clothing. If this machine is damaged, an immediate repair is necessary. Unfortunately, there are some who are not familiar with sewing machine damages. Ignoring simple sewing machine repair will lead to costly machine replacement. Your sewing machine might need a repair service if it shows any of these signs:


The jamming and breaking of the upper thread

If you notice that the thread on the machine keeps on jamming, the problem might be on the spool cap. This is the part of the sewing machine that holds the thread in place. Threads will break once the spool cap is damaged. If you notice this sign, have the machine checked by a professional sewing machine repairman.


The frequent breaking and bending of needles

This is the most common problem with manual sewing machines. Needles break or bend due to the tensions inside the machine. The main causes of these tensions are trapped dust, bugs, and gunk. You need the help of a professional to repair this. Sewing machine repair and tune up might be necessary for the machine to work accurately.


There are missing loose screws

If screws start to lose its tightness, you need to call a sewing machine repairman. The machine needs the loose and missing screws to be replaced, especially the hex screw. This is to maintain the machine’s timing and setting. Aside from screw replacement, making new screw holes is also required.


Once you notice any of these signs, never use the machine. You need to have this checked by a sewing machine repairman first. You can trust Jim Honea Sewing Machine Mobile Repair LLC when it comes to efficient sewing machine repair service. They serve clients residing in Summers, AR. To know more about the service they offer, call them at (479) 790-2484.