Other Locations Where I Offer My Services

How often have you started a new sewing project, just to have your machine start running slowly, seize, or make unusual noises? Keeping it in good condition through regular maintenance can help avoid those concerns and make sewing a pleasure again. By using a professional sewing machine repair service like mine, you can be sure your equipment is in good hands and will be returned ready to go quickly. I can take care of any minor adjustments and loose screws, as well as any major repairs to give you back a well-oiled machine. Having done embroidery machine repairs for over 10 years, I’ll get your sewing equipment running like new in no time.

In addition to serving the residents of Summers, AR, the exceptional embroidery machine repair services are also available to the people in:

  • Cincinnati, AR
  • Lincoln, AR
  • Canehill, AR
  • Prairie Grove, AR
  • Farmington, AR

Taking care of your personal sewing machine or your industrial embroidery machine will add years of use and enjoyment to your hobby or crafting. If you use the machines for teaching or work, it is vital to keep your equipment running smoothly and usable, and ultimately for keeping you in business. So, if you need a reliable and affordable sewing machine service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jim Honea Sewing Machine Mobile Repair LLC at (479) 790-2484 today!